Dr. Joseph M. Berty

Quick Facts

bertyy03_030312_1Born: 10/25/1922, Budapest, Hungary
Died: 03/01/2012, Phoebe Terrace, Allentown, Pennsylvania
Spouse: Mrs. Gizella (Rezeky) Berty
Number of children: 6

In Hungary
Education: Technical University of Budapest, D.Sc. Chemical Engineering
Occupation: Professor, Leuna-Merseburg, East Germany and University of Veszprem, Hungary
Active role in the revolution: NO

In United States of America
Arrival: 1957, New York
Education: Prof. of Chemical Engineering at University of Akron, Ohio
Occupation: Professor of Chemistry and Researcher
Workplace: Union Carbide, Berty Reaction Engineers (Owner), Allentown, Pennsylvania

Awards: US National Level of the Hall of Fame for Engineering, Science and Technology, HOFEST.
Zable Medal, one of ITI´s highest awards for Excellence in Technology.

Dr. Jozsef M. Berty is the holder of a D.Sc. degree in chemical engineering from the Technical University of Budapest. He has retired from Union Carbide in 1976 after almost 20 years with the company, and became president of his own company, Berty Reaction Engineers, Ltd.He was also a professor of chemical engineering at the University of Akron.He is a Fellow of AIChE.
Dr. Berty was elected into the US National Level of the Hall of Fame for Engineering, Science and Technology, HOFEST. He was also selected to receive the Zable Medal, one of ITI’s highest awards for “Excellence in Technology”.
From: www.itiworld.org, 23 Dec 2004

Berty was also named Honorary Member of ITI, a nonprofit public benefit organization, San Diego, CA.This Institute is dedicated to the transfer and exchange of technology across academic, governmental, technical society and industrial lines and across international boundaries. ITI advocates the recognition of technology as a most significant human generated resource for wealth creation for society.Jointly with the historically recognized natural and human resources, technology should be used to increase the standard of living and quality of life of all mankind in a safe and secure environment.

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