Ms. Eva Szilagyi

Quick Facts

meBorn: 03/26/1955, Monor Hungary
Current Residence: Lake Forest, California
Number of children: 1

In Hungary
Education: none
Occupation: Baby
Active role in the revolution: YES

Waited for my father to come home from the Revolution.

In United States of America
Arrival: 1958, Ellis Island
Education: Mission Viejo
Occupation: Author
Workplace: Author, Lake Forest, California

Awards: Author of the book The Eleventh Arrow

I was a baby when my parents escaped the country. I heard the story of the escape all my life. My parents would have been so happy to read the book I published on Amazon called
“The Eleventh Arrow,”  commemorates the many lives that were lost in the battle. This book was written to preserve the history and to honor those men, women and children who fought for the right to live in a free country. I created a website


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