Mrs. Judith Neszlényi

Quick Facts

Born: 04/23/1934, Budapest
Current Residence: Pasadena, California
Spouse: Dr. László Neszlényi
Number of children: 1

In Hungary
Education: Liszt Academy of Music
Occupation: Student
Active role in the revolution: YES

Mrs. Neszlényi took part in the demonstration in front of the Hungarian Radio at the beginning of the revolution. One shot nearly hit her. During the first days of the revolution, she participated in several demonstrations against the comunnist government. Then she participated in hospital work by putting bundage on injured revolutionaries.

In United States of America
Arrival: 1957 January, New Jersey, Fort Dix
Education: University of Southern California,
Occupation: University Professor, pianist
Workplace: Cal. State University, Los Angeles, California

Awards: Mrs. Neszlényi had many piano concert throughout the USA, in. 1986 she played in the White House following Ronald Reagan’s invitation. This concert was organized for the commemoration of the 1956 revolution.
Mrs. Neszlényi is one of the founder pair and leaders of the International Liszt Piano Competition in Pasadena every other years since 1990.

In 2006, the Hungarian government honored Mrs. Neszlényi’s artistic activity by  the Knighthood medal.
Mrs. Neszlényi wrote choral works for memory of the revolution:
Cantata 1956 in memory of 1956
Hungarian requiem
Legend of the white deer
Conquering force

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