Prof. Erzsebet Vigh


Quick Facts

Born: 05/17/1927,  Budapest
Current Residence: Laguna Woods, California
Spouse: Mr. Zoltan Vigh
Number of children: 0

In Hungary
Education: University of Budapest -Latin – Hungarian Art and History
Technical University of Budapest
Technical University of Vienna, Austria
Occupation: Student
Active role in the revolution: YES

Took part in demonstrations

In United States of America
Arrival: 1957, NY
Education: New York University, MS in Physical Chemistry 1961
Occupation: Associate Scientist
Workplace: Jet Propulsion Laboratories, Cal Inst of Tech, Pasadena, California

Professor of Chemistry

Erzsebet had a flair for languages, Hungarian, Italian, German, English. She conducted tours at an early age and interpereted for Hungarians in Austria. The Communist regime in Hungary forced her into a humanities field, it was the state, not the student, who decided what field to choose. As soon as she found freedom, she enrolled in the field of Physical Chemistry, proving where her true talents lied.
In addition to working in the prestigious JPL as an Associate Scientist, she worked for many years as a Chemistry professor at Pierce College in San Fernando Valley.
She and her husband, Zoltan lived in Anaheim for many years. Following Zoltan’s death, she eventually moved to the retirement community in Laguna Woods, Ca., where she remains active even at her advanced age.

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