Mrs. Elizabeth Rozsnyai Varo

Quick Facts

Born: 03/02/1927, Kolozsvar, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Laguna Woods, California
Spouse: Mr. Zoltan Rozsnyai
Number of children: 1

In Hungary
Education: Budapest Technical University
Masters Degree in Architecture
Occupation: designer at several architectural firms
Active role in the revolution: NO

In United States of America
Arrival: 1967, San Diego, Ca
Education: prior to arrival in US she received second masters degree from the Technical University in Vienna
attended several colleges in California
Occupation: Architect
Workplace: Several large firms, own Architectural firm, Santa Monica, California

Awards: Chinese Temple in Houston, Tx., an unusual architectural and most difficult structural design

I was born in Transylvania Rumania as a Hungarian. During WWII, at the time North Transylvania became again Hungary, my family moved to Budapest, Hungary. There we survived the siege of Budapest and the total destruction of a war. We lost everything during the bombardments and fighting going on from house to house but we were alive. Finishing High School I attended the technical University in Budapest where I received my Master of Architecture degree. Being a subject of the Communist State I was working at different places, cities and positions wherever I was assigned to work. Meanwhile I got married to a young conductor, also my daughter was born. In 1956 the Hungarians revolted against the Soviet oppression and the terror of the Russian dictated communist government. It was again war.The Freedom Fight was bloodily broken down. At this time we fled through the Iron Curtain to Austria. Our daughter was 3 years old.

We received political asylum in Switzerland but after less than a year we went back to Vienna where my husband founded an orchestra, the Philharmonia Hungarica whose members were Hungarian refugee musicians. In Vienna I took exams at the Technical University to receive a master degree in the western world. Three years later we moved to Germany. There I worked as an architect and later I opened my own architectural office. At the time my husband became the music director of the San Diego Symphony and we moved to the US in 1967.
Few years later I started again to build up my professional life. I had to learn everything from the basics. Meanwhile I was working, taking classes at colleges and passing exams. It took me several years to become again a licensed architect. I worked for American Building Guild, designing large medical buildings. Later with MLM Development and Buzzard Henning & Associates, I designed large condominium complexes. I was in charge of many development projects, including the Sheraton Hotel in San Pedro, the Market Street Square in San Diego and numerous others. In 1992 I joined C.H.O. Design Force and was proud to take charge of the Chinese Temple in Houston, Texas, my highest accomplishment.

I hold an Architectural License in the State of California and am a member of the American Institute of Architects. I am fluent in five languages.
In 1979 I moved to the Los Angeles area where I first worked with MSRE as Principal Architect, then  opened my office in Santa Monica. In 2008 at the time the recession started, projects were stopped and I retired. A year later I moved to Orange County and since live in Laguna Woods.

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