Mrs. Anikó Schaffer


Quick Facts

Born: 12/23/1937, Budapest
Current Residence: Burbank, California
Spouse: Mr. Sándor Szoboszlai
Number of children: 0

In Hungary
Education: Training School for Kindergarten Teachers, Budapest
Occupation: Nursery school mistress
Active role in the revolution: YES

Mrs. Schaffer played an active role in Corvin-köz, Budapest. She selected the ammunition that she provided to the fighters. After two days, she has been wounded by a gunshot and taken into St. Steven Hospital for treatment.

In United States of America
Arrival: 1957 January, Camp Kilmer, New Jersey
Education: Evening school.
Occupation: Prototype engineer
Workplace: Teledyne Corp., Northridge, California

Awards: Mrs. Schaffer took part in the development of the electronic units of the Apollo-13 Space Shuttle. In addition, she directed a 20 member team to work of the first Cobra helicopter.

She is the leading manager in the Szoboszlai Sándor Hungarian Theatre in Los Angeles, she organizes all performances on multiple levels since its fundation in 2012 .

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