Mrs. Agota Nagy


Quick Facts

Born: 01/09/1934, Mezokovacshaza
Current Residence: Studio City, California
Spouse: Mr. Szabolcs Nagy
Number of children: 1

In Hungary
Education: Budapest Technical University
MS Mechanical Engineering
Occupation: Mechanical Engineer at Iparterv 1954 – 1956
Active role in the revolution: NO

Left Hungary in 1956 during the Revolution, First immigrated to Ontario Canada

Occupation: Professional Engineer, HVAC Mechanical Engineer, Windsor,  Canada

In United States of America
Relocated to US: 1958, Los Angeles

Professional Engineer, California
Occupation: HVAC Mechanical Engineer
Workplace: DMJM, Los Angeles, California

Awards/Work: 40 years of HVAC mechanical engineer, Chief Mechanical Engineer for 25 years.

Project Engineer on large projects: building complex for Ford, Dearborn Michigan;  Building complex for McDonald Douglas, Huntington Beach, Ca., other  Building complexes, such as One Park Plaza, Los Angeles; Gen. Tel. Office, Santa Monica; FAA Building, Hawthorne; Trans National Office Building, Beverly Hills; Los Felis Twin Towers, LA; Santa Monica Community College; Butte Community College, Durham; China Lake Solar Energy Complex; Flight Mission Control Ctr, Edwards AFB; LA Metro Rail project; S.F. Light Rail project, etc…
Worked on international projects in Germany, Argentina, Saud Arabia, Malaysia, North Korea… and many others.

 Agota was listed as a member in the National Register of “Who is Who in Executives and Professionals 2004”. Her plaque reads:

“Agota T. Nagy  P.E.  Great Women of the 21st Century”.

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