Mr. Zoltan Csukonyi

Quick Facts

Born: 11/20/1927, Budapest, Hungary
Died: 02/07/2012,

Last Residence:  77 Woodridge Circle, New Canaan, Connecticut
Spouse: Mrs. Marianne Csejtey Csukonyi
Number of children: 2

In Hungary
Education: Technical University of Budapest
Electrical Engineering Degree – 1950
Occupation: Engineer with the Budapest Power Company
Active role in the revolution: YES

He represented the power company on the radio announcing rolling strikes to support the revolution.

In United States of America
Arrival: late 1956, Camp Kilmer, NJ
Education: Power Systems Engineering Course through General Electric Company, 1961
Occupation: Engineer
Workplace: Bechtel Power Company, San Francisco, California

Awards: He worked in many capacities at Bechtel from 1964 through his retirement in the mid-90’s.
He directed design work on various US and International power,including nuclear, plant projects.
He traveled the world with Bechtel including Korea, China, Italy, Hungary and multiple US locations.

Our family left Hungary on Nov 21, 1956 not long before the borders were closed. My father, Zoltan, along with my mother, baby brother and I along with other members of the extended family left all behind. Our American life began in Camp Kilmer, NJ.

My father, Zoltan, was from a military family and he himself was educated in the Hungarian military school system. He completed his education after the war at the Budapest Technical University and worked in Budapest at the local power company. He married my mother, Marianne Csejtey, in 1951.
My brother and I were both born in Budapest. We emigrated to the US when the Revolution was clearly being crushed. The family lived for a few years in New Brunswick, NJ. My father joined Bechtel in 1964 and we moved to SanFrancisco. In San Francisco, he enjoyed many professional accomplishments. He was on the vanguard of nuclear energy and did design work and project management for many major Bechtel endeavors around the world. The family was active in the Hungarian community. He ran the Hungarian Engineering Society and as children we were involved with he Hungarian Scouts. My parents were very proud of their Hungarian heritage and we were raised speaking Hungarian at home and very knowledgeable about our history.
In the mid-70’s he moved with Bechtel to Italy, then Orange County CA. They moved once again to Washington, DC and he worked there until his retirement the mid-90’s. They stayed in the DC area.
My mother passed away in DC in 2003 after 52 years of marriage.
My father then moved to New Canaan, CT to live with me, my husband, Paul Toldalagi and our 2 children. He enjoyed an active retirement. he was continually learning and became an expert on many software programs. He enjoyed the many cultural amenities of nearby New York City, in particular the Metropolitan Opera.
The last two years of his life he fought valiantly against a rare cancer. He passed away in Connecticut on Feb 7, 2012.

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