Mr. Tibor Farkas Jr

Quick Facts

foto-eloadas-CopyBorn: 07/11/1940, Nagykanizsa Hungary
Spouse: Mrs. Judith E. (Tibold) Farkas

Current Res: Orange, Ca
Number of children: 2 daughters

In Hungary
Education: Budaio Nagy Antal High School
Occupation: HS Student
Active role in the revolution: NO

In United States of America
Arrival: Nov. 1957, Cleveland, Ohio
Education: Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering (BSAAE)
Northrop Institute of Technology, 1963
Cal State Long Beach Master of Science Business Administration (MSMBA)
Occupation: Aerospace Engineering and Management
Workplace: North American Aviation, Rockwell, Boeing, Downey California


Subsystem Manager, Single Point of Contact between NASA and Boeing
Space Shuttle Auxiliary Power Unit System (APUSSM)
Prior – Propulsion System, Rocket and Spacecraft Design Engineer Apollo Command and Service Modules
Prior – Minuteman III Propulsion System Engineer
43 years to retirement


Astronaut Snoopy Award (Highest by Astronauts)
Arpad Academy of Cleveland Ohio, Gold Medal for book on family history under Communism

Tibor´s father, uncle and cousin were incarcerated by the Communist Regime in Hungary as political enemies of the state. Their sentences ranged from seven to fifteen years. All were liberated by the Revolution in 1956. All but the cousin escaped Hungary, they crossed the barbed wires at the border and entered Austria. In roughly a year they were permitted to enter the United States and settled in Cleveland Ohio, sponsored by also immigrant families from the turn of the Century. Tibor completed High School then was admitted to Ohio State University. After two years, Tibor decided to relocate to California, the place of opportunity in the Aerospace industry. He graduated Cum Laude from the private Northrop Institute of Technology in Inglewood, Ca., and gained employment on the Apollo Program at North American Aviation, builder of major components of the Apollo vehicle. He supported the Program through its completion as Propulsion Engineer.

His next assignment was Propulsion and APU Engineer on the Space Shuttle program, progressing to Subsystem Manager. He continued in his position until his retirement in 2007.
He is the recipient of the prestigious Astronaut Snoopy Award, holder of three patents for space applications, recipient of the Arpad Academy of Cleveland Gold Medal and several acknowledgements from employer and civic organizations.

He is married, has two accomplished daughters, and two grandchildren.

He is a founding member of the US West Coast Hungarian Scientist Club, spends his time promoting Hungarian – American cooperation, writing, publishing.


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