Mr. Thomas Gabor Redey

Quick Facts

redeyBorn: 09/24/1928, Szekesfehervar
Died: 04/04/2016, Bellevue, Washington
Spouse: Mrs. Emmy Redey
Number of children: 2

In Hungary
Education: Gabor Aron Military Academy
Occupation: Draftsman and Military
Active role in the revolution: YES

In United States of America
Arrival: 1957, NY Long Island
Education: Aug. 1962 – BS Mechanical Engineering at Illinois School of Mechanical Engineering
Occupation: Engineer
Workplace: Boeing, Seattle

Awards: Twenty eight year career designing aircraft for the Boeing Corp.
Created models for all German heavy war equipment during WWII, on display at Hungarian Military Museum

Thomas was born in Hungary in Szekesfehervar. He attended Middle School at the Franciscan Boarding School in Esztergom.
In 1943, he was admitted to the Gabor Aron Military Academy. When the Germans occupied Hungary in 1944, the school moved near the western border of the country. As the Russian Army attacked Hungary in 1944 and the country fell into their hands he returned to Budapest and reported for duty. Along with fellow cadets he was assigned to the Castle District where he was active in the final part of the siege of Budapest. After the war, he finished his high school degree and tried to follow in his father´s footsteps in veterinary medicine, but the communist regime did not allow him to study further. He then worked as a draftsman.
In August 1956, the AVH (State Secret Police) arrested him for conspiracy. After the 1956 uprising, llater in November he was released and with his future wife he escaped from Hungary. After a short stay in Austria, they arrived in New York and married on March 9, 1957. He found a job on Long Island, NY as a draftsman. They moved to Illinois in 1959, where he attended the University School of Mechanical Engineering, and graduated in August 1962. At that point The Boeing Company hired him and he worked there until his retirement in 1990 as an engineer.

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