Mr. Thomas Előd Berty

Quick Facts

Born: 01/01/1931, Kispest
Current Res: Tustin, California
Spouse: Mrs. Ildikó Berty
Number of children: 2

In Hungary
Education: Budapest Technical University
Mechanical Engineering degree
Occupation: Research and Production Engineer
Active role in the revolution: YES

Participated in the protest demonstration at Bem Ter and the Parliament on October 23rd, 1956, and involved in the fighting at the Radio Station on Sandor utca on October 23-24.

In United States of America
Arrival: 1957, New York
Education: California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California, 1960-1962
Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering
Occupation: Chemical Engineer, Principal Process Development
Workplace: Union Carbide Corp., West Virginia 1957 – 1960, and Fluor Engineering and Construction, 1962-1995, in California.

Awards: Design, construction and startup of chemical plants, fertilizer plants, and oil refineries on four continents as a Principal Process Development Engineer. Thirty three years of continuous employment. 

Due to my family background, my father was the Chief of Police in Kispest prior WWII, my option for a career were limited.
Eventually I was admitted to the Budapest Technical University in Mechanical Engineering and received my degree in 1955 in Mechanical Engineering specializing for chemical industry Due to my involvement in the revolution in the demonstration at Bem Square and later in the fighting in front of the radio station, my future under the communist regime turned dark and leaving the country became the only option. I crossed the Austrian border and soon found myself on the way to New York, where in a relatively short time, with the sponsorship of the National Academy of Sciences, I was offered employment at Union Carbide as a chemical engineer for pilot plant design and operation. Within a few years an opportunity to continue my education opened up at the prestigious California Institute of Technology in Pasadena. From this venerable institute I graduated in 1962 with a Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering. With the help of this degree I was hired by Fluor Engineering and Construction Corp. in California as a Process Engineer and later as Principal Process Development Engineer. That employment offered me opportunities for international work and travel, and a financial base to support my spouse and two children to achieve their American dream as well. My family and I have much to thank the united States, but I feel that, in a small way, my hard work contributed to the economic wealth and progress of this country.

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