Mr. Sándor Szoboszlai


Quick Facts

Born: 04/04/1927, Nadap
Current Residence: Burbank, California
Spouse: Mrs. Aniko Schaffer
Number of children: 0

In Hungary
Education: University of Economics, Budapest, Szerb str., first years.
Occupation: financial group leader
Active role in the revolution: YES

Mr. Szoboszlai organized armed struggle against the invading Russians in the Corvin-köz. He played active role in the demonstration in front of the Hungarian Radio. Szoboszlai took a tank and an armored car from the Russians during the fights, in addition he blew up two tanks with Moltov cocktail on the boulevard in front of the Corvin.
During the fights, Mr. Szoboszlai arrested several members of the communist secret police.

In United States of America
Arrival: 1957 January, Camp Kilmer, New Jersey
Education: Private University, Newark.
Occupation: turner
Workplace: Santa Monica, California

Awards: Szoboszlai played an active role in Hungarian theatricals. In 2012, he established the Sandor Szoboszlai Hungarian Theatre in Los Angeles, where successful performances were held:
Baroness Lili, Countess Marica, All’s well that ends well, Mágnás Miska, Éljen a szerelm!

Mr. Szoboszlai met Béla Király Hungarian Colonel General and Pál Maléter during the fights in the Corvin-köz. He met and had personal connection with Pál Maléter, the third government of Imre Nagy as defense minister and a martyr after the revolution.

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