Mr. Laszlo Steven Beres

Quick Facts

Winter2010-019Born: Buj, Hungary
Current Residence:  Hull, Massachusetts
Spouse: Mrs. Linda Dianne Beres
Number of children: 2

In Hungary
Education: Buj
Occupation: N/A
Active role in the revolution: NO

In United States of America
Arrival: 1957, Camp Kilmer, New Jersey
Education: Boston University, Yale University
Occupation: biochemist, research director
Workplace: E. I. Dupont, Boston, Massachusetts

Awards: manufacturing manager, product development manager, research director
publications in technical journals

My father left Hungary in 1944 two weeks after I was born and settled in Connecticut. My mother and I, assisted by my uncle, fled to Austria after the Revolution and came to the United States in February of 1957 as part of the Eisenhower airlift program for Hungarian refugees. I became a naturalized US citizen in 1963.

I received an undergraduate degree in liberal arts from Boston University and PhD in physical chemistry from Yale University, and then spent 3 years as a postdoctoral fellow in a biochemistry research group at the University of Connecticut.

In 1974 starting as a senior biochemist at New England Nuclear I was promoted to Section Head and later as Manager and Director of production and product development. New England Nuclear was later acquired by E. I. DuPont. Our products, which were labeled with radioisotopes,
were used by life science researchers to study cellular processes and for development of techniques for sequencing DNA and for genetic engineering.


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