Mr. Laszlo Antal Nagy


Quick Facts

Born: 10/16/1932, Jobahaza, Hungary
Current residence: Colmar, Pennsylvania
Spouse: Mrs. Eva Rajnalka Nagy
Number of children: 3

In Hungary
Education: Highschool, Papa
Papai Reformatus Kollegium
Occupation: Student
Active role in the revolution: YES

I escaped Hungary through the Iron Curtain in 1950 into Austria. Thereafter, I joined the British Military Intelligent Service. When the Revolution in Hungary started to break out, I returned through the border to Budapest. I was approached by the Hungarian Revolutionary Military to carry through secret messages to Bonn, Germany. Additionally, I was asked to guide Military wives and orphan children across the border to the West, into Austria.

In United States of America
Arrival: Nov. 22, 1956, NY City
Education: Fort Meade Base, US Army, Maryland
Fort Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania
Occupation: Retail and Industrial Managager, along with serving under the US Army National Guard
Workplace: American Olean Tile, Lansdale, Pennsylvania

Awards: Served under the US Army National Guard for 24 years. Retired with Honorable Discharge as Sergeant Major. Received multiple decorations from the US Government cited by Secretary of State Colin Powell and President George Bush.

Please read my biography titled: “Nem Torott el a Korso” (In Hungarian)


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