Mr. Gregory Bago Soos

Quick Facts

GregBSoos2Born: 10/27/1934
Current Residence: Huntington Beach, California
Spouse: Mrs. Lambria Soos
Number of children: 2

In Hungary
Education: Budapest, Automotive Technical Trade School
Occupation: Auto Technician
Active role in the revolution: YES

During the revolution, I participated with some of my coworkers to try and  pull down the huge statue of Stalin with one of our busses taken from the city bus yard where  we worked. The bus proved to be too weak to do the job, so we borrowed  the company tow truck and together with the bus, we still could not pull  down the statue. We then borrowed a Czechoslovakian tour bus which did  the job. The statue of Stalin was dragged around the city streets and ended  up in the center of Pest, where people started to destroy it with hammers  and heavy tools. One of the guys handed me a piece of the statue and  asked me to move on due to it being dangerous to stand next to the statue  due to the sharpshooters of the regime. I then gave the piece to a passerby on the street when I arrived in Vienna.

In United States of America
Arrival: 1959, New York
Education: Auto Technician School
AA Degree
Occupation: Expert Auto Repair, European models, Porsche Specialist
Workplace: Gregg’s Service, Westminister, California

Awards: Porsche specialist, European Models specialist, 45+ years ownership of Gregg’s Service (sole proprietor) and in same location and still working at age 82.

Through Austria I arrived in Vienna with my mother. I walked into an auto  repair facility and with my mother acting as an interpreter and I got an
offer under one condition. Assemble a completely taken apart engine with  all the parts in large boxes and I would be hired. I did just that and I
was hired on the spot.

The Hungarian Embassy personnel were driving around the city of Vienna and kidnapping refugees as they waited at the traffic lights or crossing the street corners.  That’s when I decided to move on, even though I had a good job I felt unsafe.

I moved to Sweden which was neutral and safe.  I could not work in my profession until I learned the language then I was given a driver’s license and found a place to work.  In the meantime, I worked in a special factory where military hardware was manufactured.  The name of the city was Karlskuga and the factory name was Bofors owned by Alfred Nobel, the originator of the Nobel Prize. Fate would take me onto bigger and better things.

I applied for an immigrant status and visa for my mother and I and in a year’s time we arrived in Ellis Island, we sailed by the statue of Liberty and from there we went to Cleveland, Ohio where our sponsor was.  I immediately got a job as a mechanic at a gasoline station in the Hungarian neighborhood and that lasted for two winters.

My mother and I moved to Los Angeles where I got a job at a Volkswagen Dealership.  After extensive training I worked as a Porsche Specialist in various dealerships.  I became a shop foreman and later an assistant manager for Circle Porsche Audi in Long Beach.  At this dealership I met my future wife where she worked in the office.

In the fall of 1971 I started my own repair shop called Gregg’s Service.   I strictly work on European cars.  I perform regular repairs and right now I am actively involved in restoring old Mercedes, Porsches and Alfas.

In my 56 years in the United States I educated myself, provided a safe place for my mother and I, met and married my beautiful wife, bought a house,

and had two wonderful children. Moving to America was the really the best decision I made after the Hungarian uprising.”

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