Mr. George Kekessy

Quick Facts

Born: 08/07/1935, Tiszafured
Current Residence; Tiszafured, Hungary
Spouse: Mrs. Gertrud Isoz
Number of children: 2

In Hungary
Education: George began his education at the Reformed Elementary School at Tiszafured, continued at the Lonyai Str. Reformed Gimnazium in Budapest until 1952, two years later he  graduated from the Jozsef Attila (one time Cistercitan) Gimnazium.
The Communist State confiscated his family residence and imprisoned his father.
Later he was drafted into the Hungarian Armed Forces and served until the 1956 Revolution.
Occupation: Military
Active role in the revolution: YES

George was caught by the Revolution of 1956 , while in the military. He was at the Pestszentlorinc barracks at the time of the breaking out of the revolt. His entire base joined the action on the side of the fighters with George actively involved. He took part in the fighting at the Corvin Ter and Kilian Barracks, sites of some of the heaviest battles.
Based on his family’s insistence, George and his two brothers decided to escape. They crossed the border to Austria on November 28 at Sopronkeresztur.

In United States of America
Arrival: 1957, New York
Education: George was drafted by the US Military into the famousd Screaming Eagles Parachuter Division at Fort Campbell.
After service he settled in California and continued his college education in various local colleges in Los Angeles. He specialized in Landscape Design.
Occupation: Landscape designer
Workplace: City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California

Awards: Member of the Order of Johannites since 1983
In 1965 George founded the Karpatok Hungarian Dance group in Los Angeles and remained its leader for many years. Recently, the Ensemble celebrated its 50th Anniversary.
He became Honorary Citizen of Tiszafured, he continues to be active in the city’s civil life and development. He openes his home to many political figures and celebrities, local and foreign visitors, but most importantly, provides an opportunity to the Scouts to camp on his grounds and learn the love of their country, its heroic history and people.

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