Mr. Ede Janos Pfeiffer

Quick Facts

pfeiffercovers_218897Born: 05/05/1936, Gyula, Hungary

Died: 03/15/2006, Pasadena, California

Spouse:  Sharon
Number of children: 0

In Hungary
Education: Madach Gimnazium, Gyula, Academy of Music, Budapest
Occupation: Student, Post Office Clerk, enrolled in Law School
Active role in the revolution: YES

Attack on Communist Party Offices on Koztarsasag Ter, Budapest

In United States of America
Arrival: 1957 in NY, Naturalized 1962, Los Angeles
Education: University of Southern California: BA in International Relations, 1963
Claremont Graduate University: MA in American Government, 1967;  PhD in American Government, 1982
Occupation: Prof. Pol Sci, American Government, Cal Univ, 1970 – 1979;  Res Specialist US Presidential Library, 1979
Workplace: various universities, Washington DC, Claremont, Los Angeles, California

Top jobs/Awards: Researcher Presidential Library
Geneva Economics and Word Affairs Forums
Economic Conference, Oslo, Norway 2002
Summer Olympics LA 1984, Organizer with Peter Uberroth
US Army Research grantee 1960 – 1966
Reception with Queen Elizabeth
Friendship with the Prince of Monaco, Eric Severeid, Walter Cronkite, Art Linkletter, many others.

Ede Pfeiffer’s travels reflected his wide interest in politics, international relations, and brought him into contact with researchers, polititians, Nobel Prize winners, Royalty, famous TV newscasters, and many more important, talented and famous persons of his time. For all his fame, Ede was shy, for his lack of money he was the most generous and gallant person, his interest int travel took him all over the world, he sent his postcards of beautiful places to friend and colleagues alike.
His first love was his homeland, Hungary, In 1958 in England by that time he published Child of Communism, which became an instant bestseller and a reference book on life in the Communist elementary and middle-school system. His Growing up in Central Europe Post WWII  in 2002 followed soon.
He appeared in Who is Who in America, 2003, a source of many of his accomplishments.

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