Dr. Gisele Friedrichs

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Quick Facts

Born: 04/21/1937, Szeged, Hungary
Current residence: Richmond, Virginia
Spouse: Mr. Albert L. Friedrichs
Number of children: 3

In Hungary
Education: Kossuth Lajos Tudomanyegyetem 1955-56
Transfer in process in 1956
Occupation: student
Active role in the revolution: YES

Participated in Petofi Circle and PEN club meetings in Summer 1956; was present at Technical Univ. on 22 October; took part in fighting on Nagy Korut until wounded; became member of the Student Revolutionary Committee, possess ID card from Eotvos Lorant Tud, Egyetem where took active part in copying leaflets, worked through until 4 November. On 16 November went to Yugoslav Embassy was to communicate with Imre Nagy but was handed over to the Soviet Army, tortured at Soviet Embassy, was delivered to Fo utca prison; 2 weeks in solitary confinement 2 weeks as cellmate of Kopacsi Sandorne; in secret released on 16 December placed on train crossed the border somewhere near Sopron, alone, awakened at Eisenstadt Hospital.

In United States of America
Arrival: 1962, New Orleans
Education: Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA
PhD 1982
Occupation: Professor
Workplace: multiple positions, last Richmond, Virginia

Awards: MA in French, PhD in Social Psychology, recipient of Fulbright Fellowship, Rockefeller Fellowship, NEH fellowships, French Government, EU, Quebec Gov. , Bryn Mawr Univ. fellowships .
Initiated and obtained funding for a one and only Tri-Lingual:  Hungarian-French-English program in the USA was awarded the Barczy Geza Erdemrend and other awards by the Anyanyelvi Konferencia, publications in Nyelvunk es Kulturank.

Born in Szeged, became orphaned at age 12; from age 10-13 student at Baar-Madas Protestant Girl school in Budapest. After its nationalization became ward of the state. My three years at this school were the most important and formative experiences of my early years. I was deported at 16; finished gimnazium in Debrecen, accepted into Kossuth Univ. linguistic program; returned to Budapest in 1956, participated in the revolution, emigrated. Received the University of Geneva’s scholarship and those years were the most important years as to who I became, a humanist, a teacher, a dedicated mother and wife, a good American but never hyphenated, my nationality remained Hungarian. Completed my studies there in 1962 and came to the USA on a one year graduate scholarship. Met my husband in New Orleans, LA;  married in 1962. My children were born in 1965, 68, 71. The oldest is a surgeon in the US Air Force, the second a Berkley graduate lawyer, the third an MBA. Moved to Richmond in 1987 and taught in a magnet program for underprivileged students, retired in 2002. Proud of the life I lived .

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