Dr. Andrew J. Erdely

Quick Facts

Born: 03/16/1914, Budapest, Hungary
Died: 05/10/2005

Last Residence: Cypress, Ca

Spouse: Mrs. Charlotte Erdely
Number of children: 3  Zsolt (deceased.), Marika, Endre

In Hungary
Education: Mezokovesd High School
Pazmany Peter University, Budapest, Juris Doctor, 1939
Courier Officer in the Hungarian Army
Captured and taken to POW in Siberia for three years
Occupation: Head Planner of a Construction Co.
Active role in the revolution: YES

Revolutionary Workers Council Head, First District, also for Dunai Rev Vallalat.
After the Revolution was crushed, Andrew with his family, Charlotte, her Mother and their son Zsolt closed their apartment door and escaped to Austria.

In United States of America
Arrival: 1956, Camp Kilmer, New Jersey
Occupation: Systems Analyst, Economist
Workplace: McDonald Douglas Co., Long Beach, California

Awards: Budget System Analysis System Designer, Skylab Program, McDonald Douglas, Founding Member of the Hungarian Reformed Church of Hollywood.
Taped Interview at Cal State Fullerton’s Oral History Program, Biography titled Struggle for Human Rights, 1977. Also published in Hungary, titled A Nyolcadik Torzs Nyomaban.
Ran in the Primary for Congress in his district. Diamond Diploma from Eotvos Lorand University of Budapest.

Born in 1914 in Budapest, but grew up in Saly, near the Matra Mountain, returned to Budapest at the age of 9 to join his Grandparents to learn music. In Mezokovesd he becam the organist for the reformed church.

1939 he obtains his Juris Doctor from Pazmany Peter University. He served in Hungarian Army from 1938 to 1945 at different branches of the Military: artillery, paratrooper, Tank Division. Russian POW camp from Oct. 1944 to July 1947. After his return to Hungary, married Chatlotte Hesz. Escaped to Austria and US in Dec. !956. Worked at North American Aviation, then at Mc Donald Douglas from 1969 to 1973 to retirement. Congressional Candidate in 1978, Published Biographical Book “Struggle for Human Rights”. His portrait found in Artist Daday’s painting “Nixon at Andau” of the refugees at the border with V.P. Richard Nixon (Presidential Library, Yorba Linda, Ca.)

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