Dr. Balazs F. Rozsnyai

RozsnyaiBalazsQuick Facts

Born: 11/24/1929, Szekesfehervar, Hu

Current residence: Livermore, California
Spouse: Mrs. Jean Senkin Rozsnyai
Number of children: 1

In Hungary
Education: Eotvos Lorant Tudomanyegyetem (Science Academy)
Diploma in Physics, 1952
Occupation: Physicist (Central Institute of Physics, KFKI)
Active role in the revolution: NO

In United States of America
Arrival: January 1, 1957, New York
Education: University of California Berkely
PhD in Physics, 1960
Occupation: Research Physisist
Workplace: IBM San Jose, 1960-64; Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, 1964-2008, Livermore, California

Awards: World-known expert in hot plasma physics and energy transport by radiation.
About 150 publications.

Actually, I am most proud of becoming a world-known expert in hot plasma physics and radiation transport. This happened over a time of about 3 decades. It started in 1972, when after a consultation with my research director, Edward Teller, I embraced on a project that became very important. I did a number of publications, both classified and unclassified in open journals, like Physical Review. Strangely, the Soviet and later Russian researchers paid a lot of attention to my work, but until 1990 or so they were also restricted to make contact with me. In 1994, in Garching Germany there was a joint international meeting with a number of Russian participants and lots of interesting things got uncovered regarding the past. After that I became quite good friends with some of my Russian counterparts. They were first rate scientists and very pleasant gentlemen.

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