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Mr. Vilmos Zsigmond

Vilmos Zsigmond, together with his friend and fellow student László Kovács, chronicled the events of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution in Budapest on thirty thousand feet of film and then escaped to Austria shortly afterwards. He became an Award Winning Cinematographer in California.

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Ms. Eva Szorenyi

Éva Szörényi (May 26, 1917 – December 1, 2009) was a Kossuth Prize-winning actress of the Hungarian National Theatre. Her acting career started in the early 1930s playing leading roles in over 20 motion pictures, a result of which she quickly became famous and beloved by the Hungarian people. Her voice was also heard frequently […]

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Prof. Antal K. Bejczy

His visionary work in robotics and related automation at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in the 1970s through the 1990s pioneered the development of several innovative robot components such as “smart hands” with “smart sensors”.

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Mr. Tibor Farkas Jr

Tibor´s father, uncle and cousin were incarcerated by the Communist Regime in Hungary as political enemies of the state. Their sentences ranged from seven to fifteen years. All were liberated by the Revolution in 1956. All but the cousin escaped Hungary, they crossed the barbed wires at the border and entered Austria. In roughly a […]

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Dr. John Charles Harsanyi

For their pioneering work in game theory, John C. Harsanyi, John Nash, and Reinhard Selten shared the 1994 Nobel Prize in Economics. Game theory is a system for using mathematics to predict the outcome of competitive games like chess or poker, which can also be applied to political and economic conflicts such as labor negotiations, […]

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