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Mr. Zoltan Csukonyi

Our family left Hungary on Nov 21, 1956 not long before the borders were closed. My father, Zoltan, along with my mother, baby brother and I along with other members of the extended family left all behind. Our American life began in Camp Kilmer, NJ. My father, Zoltan, was from a military family and he […]

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Dr. Andrew J. Erdely

Born in 1914 in Budapest, but grew up in Saly, near the Matra Mountain, returned to Budapest at the age of 9 to join his Grandparents to learn music. In Mezokovesd he becam the organist for the reformed church. 1939 he obtains his Juris Doctor from Pazmany Peter University. He served in Hungarian Army from 1938 […]

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Dr. Thomas Ruzics

My father, Ivan Ruzics was a pediatrician, escaped from Hungary with his family in 1956. Crossed the border to Austria during a night. I was one year old. We came to the USA, Kansas, Michigan, California.

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