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Dr. Gisele Friedrichs

Born in Szeged, became orphaned at age 12; from age 10-13 student at Baar-Madas Protestant Girl school in Budapest. After its nationalization became ward of the state. My three years at this school were the most important and formative experiences of my early years. I was deported at 16; finished gimnazium in Debrecen, accepted into Kossuth Univ. […]

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Ms. Melinda Kovats Kolozsi

I studied German for four years in high school, but the college I attended did not offer it, so I decided to try Spanish. By this time the audio- lingual method of language teaching became popular, and I learned Spanish so quickly that I decided to major in it. I became a Spanish teacher at […]

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Mr. Istvan (Steven) F. Udvar-Hazy

Udvar-Hazy gave a US $66 million grant to the Smithsonian Institution that allowed the U.S. National Air and Space Museum to build the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center annex at Washington Dulles International Airport. The annex houses more than 120 aircraft and 140 space-exploration exhibits as of 2006, and also includes the Space Shuttle Discovery. Plans […]

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Mr. Thomas Előd Berty

Due to my family background, my father was the Chief of Police in Kispest prior WWII, my option for a career were limited. Eventually I was admitted to the Budapest Technical University in Mechanical Engineering and received my degree in 1955 in Mechanical Engineering specializing for chemical industry Due to my involvement in the revolution […]

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Dr. Balazs F. Rozsnyai

Actually, I am most proud of becoming a world-known expert in hot plasma physics and radiation transport. This happened over a time of about 3 decades. It started in 1972, when after a consultation with my research director, Edward Teller, I embraced on a project that became very important. I did a number of publications, […]

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Mrs. Elizabeth Rozsnyai Varo

I was born in Transylvania Rumania as a Hungarian. During WWII, at the time North Transylvania became again Hungary, my family moved to Budapest, Hungary. There we survived the siege of Budapest and the total destruction of a war. We lost everything during the bombardments and fighting going on from house to house but we […]

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