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Col. Zoltan K. Goboczy

Few human beings have lived through as much persecution and suffering as did Col. Zoltan Goboczy. Due to the meager income of his mother, a Baroness, he joined the military at an early age. He graduated from the prestigious Ludovica, joined the Artillery and rose to Colonel by 1945, in the midst of the Soviet […]

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Capt. Tibor Farkas Sr

Captain Tibor Farkas’ history is one of those who suffered for the United States of America before he ever entered the country. His patriotism for his homelamd drove him to its defense in WWII, which doomed him for torture, imprisonment, loss of all property and freedom for three and a half years. He broke free […]

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Prof. Joseph (Jozsef) Nagyvary

Born in Szeged; 1937-1952, grades K to 12 in Kaposvár; studied chemistry 1952-until Nov. 1956 in Budapest at Eötvös Lorand Tudomanyegyetem, TTK faculty. Escaped to Austria on Nov. 23, 1956; graduate student of Nobel Laureate Paul Karrer at Zurich University; received annual price of the Swiss Science Foundation on the structure of the curare poison received a prize of the […]

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Miklos Peller Portrait

Mr. Miklos B. Peller

Miklos Peller was born in the city of Eger on August 30, 1940. Later, his family moved to the western city of Szombathely where his father was appointed to be the principal of a Gimnazium (equivalent to High School). He was a regular altar boy in the Cathedral of Szombathely since the age of 7. […]

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Dr. Bulcsu Veress

Dr. Bulcsu Veress was born in 1941, in Budapest from educated parents who were of Szekler, Rumania at that time, heritage. They lived on Attila Ut, across from Vermezo Ter. His early reading interests, due to the lack of other sources, was the publication of DISZ (Democratic – read Communist – Young People’s Coalition), which […]

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