The Immigrants

The Immigrants

Could it be that those immigrants who came before us and whose shoulders we all stand on made it possible for new waves of immigrants to arrive on our shores and make America great? Most of our elected officials who change our laws remember someone in their families who spoke with  strange accents and cooked wonderful spicy dishes and sang melancholy tunes and  brought back wonderful childhood memories of strict but loving grandparents who looked and acted so different from us?

New generations of descendants make the common mistake of paying little attention to their predecessors, especially those who were so strange. Some may have even felt embarrassed and avoided talking about their heritage. All you who are affected by similar circumstances must deal with your background in your own way. Accept it or deny it, you must face it.

This website will help you deal with this dilemma. Make sure that you record your forebearer´s history to avoid being rootless, to avoid a late life identity crisis. Instead make it easy on yourself to record at least something.  Having accomplished signing up may lead you to the next step to fully research your heritage and proudly pass it on to your uninterested  children and their children who, by a strange twist of fate,  will not have to blame you for not doing so.

This first step is especially intended for you 56ers who have much to be proud of, and Americans who should be thankful for letting them in.

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By the 56erhungariansinamerica.org